Arabic/Indian Numbers (Cardinal) 1 – 2 billion | الأرقام العربية / الهندية  


Mourad Diouri

Mourad Diouri is teaching fellow and e-learning instructor/developer in Arabic Language Studies at CASAW (Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World) at the University of Edinburgh.

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4 Responses

  1. Warren.David says:

    Thanks for these Mourad, though I guess you don’t have the time to do it right now, but would it be possible for the new Miscellaneous Vocabulary lists to be fully vocalised / have the case endings as well?

  2. Annett.Rachel says:

    I am finding these flashcards useful in preparing for our class on Thursday. It’s great to be able to repeat the visual and auditory buttons, really helps in memorising.

  3. Jones.Marc says:

    Numbers are obviously fundamentals when learning a language. However numbers in Arabic seem incredibly complex, especially when one considers, dates, times, ordinal and cardinal numbers. Will information concerning the many different aspects of numbers be put up? I feel it could even have its own category on the site.

  4. @Jones.Marc:
    Thanks for the suggestion Marc. I will update this page with further info and resources on (how to learn and use numbers in Arabic) in the near future.

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