Alif Maqsura (ى): Arabic Pronunciation Training (9) [Audio & Listening Drills]


Mourad Diouri

Mourad Diouri is teaching fellow and e-learning instructor/developer in Arabic Language Studies at CASAW (Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World) at the University of Edinburgh.

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2 Responses

  1. Annett.Rachel says:

    This flashcard has been useful in helping me to engage with Alif-Maaqsura in a different context from my Alif Baa textbook. Prior to using this flashcard I thought I’d figured it out. In fact, I need to go review it and try out the flashcard again next week. So it has been useful iin highlighting a weak area to me.

  2. Hine.Sebastien says:

    Again, this is great, but will perhaps be more useful once i have the speed of my reading up a bit so that i can have a go at the word before it is given to me.

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