Core Vocabulary 3 (IAA) [eFlashcards, Quizzes & Audio]


Mourad Diouri

Mourad Diouri is teaching fellow and e-learning instructor/developer in Arabic Language Studies at CASAW (Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World) at the University of Edinburgh.

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4 Responses

  1. David Warren says:

    Hi Mourad,

    -would you please clarify what ‘hollow’ means, as in: he got up (hollow)

    -also, sometimes the e-flashcard presents you with three arabic words for the english (as in the case of ‘year’) why is this? is it singular/dual/plural?



  2. David Warren says:

    Just for others who use these e-flashcards; on the ‘know it’ segment (typing the english) it is worth noting that for the “he visited” e-flashcard you will need to put in a double space between “he” and “visited” (as in “he–visited”) in order for it to be considered correct.

  3. David Warren says:

    Similar to my previous comment; on the “own it” segment it is worth noting that for “museum” to be considered correct there is not a space between the singular form and the backslash, and there is a fatha above the “teh” in the singular – which is hard to see from the e-flashcard display.
    i.e. مَتَحف/_مَتاحِف

  4. Warren.David says:

    Hi mourad – so, just to clarify, with the flashcard for country – what you are given here is not singular/plural, but two different ways of saying the same thing.

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