Core Vocabulary 2 (IAA) [eFlashcards, Quizzes & Audio]


Mourad Diouri

Mourad Diouri is teaching fellow and e-learning instructor/developer in Arabic Language Studies at CASAW (Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World) at the University of Edinburgh.

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3 Responses

  1. David says:

    hi mourad, sorry – I think either the spelling or the pronounciation may be wrong here. It seems that the penultimate letter of this word (small) is pronounced “yeh” and yet it is spelt with a “beh”
    though it could just be me

  2. Mourad Diouri says:

    Thanks for your kind feedback David – You are absolutely right. There is a dot missing in صغير.

  3. David Warren says:

    Hi mourad,
    -for “yesterday” there are two quite different arabic words given – is this singular/plural or two different words for the same thing? At the moment I sometimes find it a little confusing when we are presented with one/two/three forms of a word in arabic on the e-flashcard. Perhaps, if there is more than one arabic word, you could designate which is singular/plural or just an alternative word for the same? I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as time goes on in any case.



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