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    Familiar Arabic Sounds 

    Arabic Pronunciation Training Course [Study Guide]

    Arabic Alphabet (2): Arabic Sounds Familiar to English Speakers [Audio & Listening Drills]

    1. Letter Bā’ (ب): Pronunciation Practice
    2. Letter Thā’ (ث): Pronunciation Practice
    3. Letter Jeem (ج): Pronunciation Practice
    4. Letter Rā’ (ر): Pronunciation Practice
    5. Letter Zāy (ز): Pronunciation Practice
    6. Letter Seen (س): Pronunciation Practice
    7. Letter Sheen (ش): Pronunciation Practice
    8. Letter Kāf (ك): Pronunciation Practice
    9. Letter Noon (ن): Pronunciation Practice
    10. Letter Meem (م): Pronunciation Practice
    11. Letter Wāw (و): Pronunciation Practice
    12. Letter Yā’ (ي): Pronunciation Practice

     Unfamiliar Arabic Sounds

    Arabic Alphabet (2): Arabic Sounds Unfamiliar to English Speakers [Audio & Listening Drills]

    1. Letter Hā’ (ح): Pronunciation Practice
    2. Letter Hā’ (هـ): Pronunciation Practice
    3. Letter Khā’ (خ): Pronunciation Practice
    4. Letter Ayn (ع): Pronunciation Practice
    5. Letter Ghayn’ (غ): Pronunciation Practice
    6. Letter Sād (ص): Pronunciation Practice
    7. Letter Dād (ض): Pronunciation Practice
    8. Letter Tā’ (ط): Pronunciation Practice
    9. Letter Dhā’ (ظ): Pronunciation Practice
    10. Letter Qāf (ق): Pronunciation Practice

    Dictation Drills

    Pronunciation Training: Arabic Letter Groups (from أ to ي ): [Dictation Drills]

    • Letter Group (ب ت ث ن ي ): Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 1)
    • Letter Group (د ذ ر ز و أ): Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 2)
    • Letter Group (ج ح خ): Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 3)
    • Letter Group (ة ه ك ل م) : Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 4)
    • Letter Group ( س ش ص ض ) : Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 5)
    • Letter Group ( ط ظ ) : Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 6)
    • Letter Group (ع غ) : Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 7)
    • Letter Group ( ف ق) : Arabic Pronunciation Training (Dictation Drill 8)

    Sun & Moon Letters

    1. Moon Letters (الحروف القمرية): Arabic Pronunciation Training (15) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    2. Sun Letters (الحروف الشمسية ): Arabic Pronunciation Training (14) [Audio & Listening Drills]




    Varieties of Hamza 

    1. Varieties of Hamza (ء): Arabic Pronunciation Training


    Similar Sounding Letters: Pronunciation Training الحروف والكلمات المتشابهة في النطق

    [Similar-Sounding Letters Pronunciation]: Study Guide

    1. Similar Sounding Letters (11): Short vs. Long Vowels [Audio & Listening Drills]
    2. Similar Sounding Letters (10): Kaaf (ك) vs. Qaaf (ق) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    3. Similar Sounding Letters (9): Seen (س) vs. Saad (ص) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    4. Similar Sounding Letters (8): Zaay (ز) vs. THAaa’ (ظ) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    5. Similar Sounding Letters (7): dhaal (ذ) vs. THAaa’ (ظ) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    6. Similar Sounding Letters (5): Khaa’ (خ) vs. Ghayn(غ) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    7. Similar Sounding Letters (6): Daal (د) vs. Daad (ض) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    8. Similar Sounding Letters (4): Haa’ (ح) vs. haa’ (هـ) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    9. Similar Sounding Letters (3): Thaa’ (ث) vs. Sad/ Seen (س/ص) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    10. Similar Sounding Letters (2): taa’ (ت)vs. Taa’ (ط) [Audio & Listening Drills]
    11. Similar Sounding Letters (1): Alif (ا) vs. Ayn (ع) [Audio & Listening Drills]

     Similar Sounding Vowels

    12. Similar Sounding Letters (11): Short vs. Long Vowels [Audio & Listening Drills]

      • The case of FatHa  (الفتحة) vs. Long Alif (ألف المد )
      • The case of  Kasra (الكسرة) vs.  Long Yaa’ (ياء المد )
      • The case of Damma (الضمة) vs. Long Waaw (واو المد )

    Similar Sounding Consonants

    13. Similar Sounding Letters (12): Single vs. Double Consonants [Audio & Listening Drills]

    14. Similar Sounding Letters (13): Single vs. Double Consonants (Case of Yā’) [Audio & Listening Drills]


    Alphabet Charts

    1. Arabic Alphabet w/ Vowels & Phonetic Symbols [Study Chart]
    2. Printable Alphabet Posters [Printable & Downloadable]

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